• 671-3 WILLIAM G2
  • William-G2-Vej-1
  • William-G2-Vej-2
  • William 2 board

WILLIAM G2 street fitting

Photometric data: 
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1 board                      2 board
William 1 board     William 2 board

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51(80) x 206 x 475 (H x W x D). 6,6 kg.


Ingress protection class IP56, Electric shock protection class II, Shockproof class IK10


CE Mark

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Art. no.: 670-2xx-yyz

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The whole fitting in hot galvanized steel according to DS/EN ISO 1461. Bolts and nuts in stainless steel.


Clear impact-resistant polycarbonate. Supplied as standard with light distribution lens which supports class E and L7. Choice of different optical project-specific solutions.

Light source

Integrated LED. Philips FastFlex LED G2 31W/740/2520Lm or 56W/740/5003Lm. 4000K. 50K hrs. LITE or FULL version. FULL version is available for 1-10V dimming and DALI dimming.


Top mounted on Ø60mm stepped or conical pole. Available in several heights, both for burial and bolting. 31W version is recommended for pole height 3-4M. 56W version is recommended for pole height 6-8M. We recommend poles for burial to be used with turn securing and insulation sleeve.


Protection class II double insulated:
Supplied with 5M cable (31W) or 8M cable (56W) 2x1mm2 for connection in fuse inset or other connection box (not included).